Swearing in of Premier and Ministers


After an election the Governor appoints the new government by swearing in the new Premier and Ministers.  Where the existing government loses the election, convention requires the Premier to advise the Governor to call on the Leader of the Opposition to form a government and the Premier then tenders the resignation of the ministry.


In those circumstances, the Leader of the Opposition (the Premier-elect) must assure the Governor that he or she has the confidence of the majority in the Legislative Assembly.  Upon being so satisfied the Governor commissions the Premier elect to form a government.  The new Premier and the Members of Parliament nominated by the new Premier are appointed and sworn in or affirmed as Ministers by the Governor.


The Governor accepts the Premier's resignation at the same time as he or she appoints the new government.  Until the Governor accepts the resignation and appoints the new governments, the conventions inherited from the Westminster system see that the existing Premier and Ministers continue on a caretaker basis.  This ensures that Victoria is never without a government.