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Speech by the Governor of Victoria at the Big Data World Network Event in Singapore


Ladies and Gentlemen.

We are delighted to be back in Singapore. It is a great city to visit whether as a tourist or on an Official Visit. We have visited in both capacities a number of times.

We are particularly pleased to be here on this occasion with this data/technology focus.

We know that we are in a renowned centre of activity here in Singapore: also just announced as the number one market in the WEF Global Competitiveness Report. Congratulations!

We know too that the data and technology focus plays specifically to Victoria’s strengths.

And we know that significant opportunities and collaborations flow when the cleverest experts and industry leaders – whether from Singapore, Victoria or elsewhere – gather together.

I do not believe that I need to tell those of you gathered here too much about Victoria.

I think there are many proud Victorians in the room, and that most others are already well aware of, if not already involved in, joint projects or overlaps of one sort or another with businesses and colleagues in our State.

So let me give the very shortest overview.

Victoria’s population is growing fast: faster than elsewhere in Australia so that, soon, Melbourne will be our biggest city.

Our economy is also growing faster than in other parts of the country. Jobs too. Across the last 5 years, one third of new jobs in Australia have been created in Victoria.

When it comes to liveability, infrastructure, healthcare and education contributors. But also great urban design, a vast calendar of major sports and arts events, a clean green environment and an exciting innovation ecosystem contribute.

Innovation has been essential to our sustained growth and prosperity in Victoria.

As a State without the vast mineral resources of some other parts of the country, we have had to do things smarter.

I know I am ‘preaching to the converted’ about that. This room is filled with many of those who contribute to the smartest of new technologies and big data.

Many of the Victorians here have contributed to the phenomenal growth of our start-up and tech ecosystem in Melbourne. You are a part of the reason that the 2019 Savill’s Cities Index has named Melbourne as one of 30 global centres at the forefront of tech, with a start-up ecosystem growing at 23 per cent every year, placing us in the top five for the world’s strongest early stage growth centres.

You are leading the way in Australia in data analytics and software development, with the best tech solutions in cyber security, data protection, fintech, AI and the internet of things, for example.

I am proud of the research in our State. Swinburne University’s Data Science Research Institute, combining data science expertise and industry partnerships to deliver complex data-driven solutions is a major contributor to our growth.

Of course, Singapore provides the perfect setting for this big data event. It is a prosperous technology hub and home to world class innovation, a highly skilled talent pool, advanced IT infrastructure and rigorous IP protections. It is no surprise that it is rated in the top 10 on the 2019 Savill’s Cities Index for tech cities.

This is the Victorian Government’s first targeted mission to Big Data World.

It provides an opportunity for Victorian companies to learn about the latest data and analytics products and services, build market insights, expand networks, and identify potential partners and customers.

It extends the opportunity for some of our clever Victorian companies to showcase their capabilities.

Above all, Big Data World creates the best platform for collaborations and partnerships, leveraging Victoria’s strengths with the strengths, learning and sharing in Singapore and across the region.

I am sure that it also enables you to do productive work in a great city, over some of the best food in the world. That is, after Melbourne of course!

Conscious that I am interrupting the very conversations that this setting enables, let me finish here. Let me wish you all every success, and we look forward to meeting and chatting with you shortly.