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The Governor of Victoria's speech for the T-Hub, Beanstalk and Australian Medtech Actuator Partnership.


Mr Srinivas Kollipara, Founder and COO of T-Hub
Distinguished guests
Ladies and gentlemen

My husband, Tony, and I are delighted to join you today. We have visited India before as tourists, and just a year ago now, on our first official visit. This, however, is our first time in Hyderabad and we are struck by the rich history we see around us, and the dynamic contemporary environment.

It is a particular pleasure to be here at T-Hub to celebrate a collaboration between T-Hub Australian ag-tech consultancy Beanstalk, and the Victorian Government’s commitment to develop a partnership between T-Hub and the Australian Medtech Actuator, headquartered in Melbourne.

These partnerships make good sense. They are based on many commonalities, as well as shared strengths and needs.

First, they have the sound foundation of our strong people to people connections.

More than 200,000 Victorians have Indian ancestry: the biggest Indian community in Australia and, across the last 10 years, another 200,000 young Indians have chosen to study with us in Victoria.

When it comes to connections though, the numbers only ever tell a part of the story, don’t they? We have strong cultural links, some of which will be played out in technicolour detail later this year when India and Australia meet at the MCG for the famous Boxing Day Test. We will see some of your rising tennis stars too at the Australian Open Grand Slam tennis in January, and later this week, an Australian festival of culture will start here in India, which will showcase Australian arts – including design, urban planning, fashion, and our shared love of ‘Masterchef’!

But the partnerships being recognised today makes good sense too because it very much plays to our respective strengths in India and Australia, and Telangana and Victoria.

Agribusiness, ag-tech, healthcare, biosciences and med-tech are areas in which we are both clever and innovative, and in which we can achieve even greater success through further collaboration and better access to each other’s ideas and understanding of each other’s markets.

I need not emphasise to this audience, India’s renown as a global leader in innovation, entrepreneurship, digital technology, big data capabilities and smart manufacturing.

Indeed, you have become one of the largest start-up economies in the world, and are growing at a very rapid rate. Ag-tech and med-tech are amongst your many interests. And scaling and commercialising clever products and devices is something at which you excel.

You model how to support entrepreneurs by streamlining the regulatory environment, providing capital and fostering creative thinking.

I hope I can say, without immodesty, that Victoria too has its strengths.

When it comes to agribusiness:

  • We comprise 3% of the land but produce 27% of the nation’s agricultural exports
  • Victoria is recognised for its quality, safety and clean and green production and premium products
  • Importantly, we have world class research, development and extension capabilities, accounting for approximately 40% of Australia’s agriculture processing RD&E.

Beanstalk ag-tech is one of our leading innovators in the sector. It focuses on scaling high growth ag-tech companies, bringing together producers, government, research and entrepreneurs across Asia, with offices in Melbourne and Singapore.

Knowing all that, it is perhaps not surprising that we find ourselves here in Hyderabad today celebrating a partnership between Melbourne’s Beanstalk and Hyderabad’s T-Hub for the Australia-India AgTech Market Access Program. This program aims to solve the most challenging problems of the agricultural industry in both Australia and India. It will provide a structured pathway for cross-border transfer of agricultural technologies. Both countries will benefit significantly – and, I expect, quickly – from this kind of knowledge transfer.

And when it comes to medtech – our other focus today – Melbourne is home to one of the world’s largest life science clusters with more than 650 global and local medtech pharmaceutical and biotechnology businesses, 30 hospitals and major Research Institutes.

The University of Melbourne and Monash University are ranked in the top five biomedical universities in the Asia-Pacific region. Indeed, Melbourne ranks with only London and Boston in having two universities in the top 30. And it is notable that a massive 40% of the National Health and Medical Research Council grants come to Victoria – more than for any other part of Australia.

Against that backdrop, Victoria is proud to have been chosen as the national headquarters of the Medtech Actuator Program, Australia’s pre-eminent industry-led incubator, that provides start-ups with a range of services and resources to assist in product design and development, clinical trials, intellectual property, commercialisation strategy and finance.

The partnership being developed between Victoria and T-Hub will facilitate exchanges of entrepreneurs from a leading selection of our respective med-tech and medical device start-ups.

Seeing these exciting collaborations, it really is a pleasure to be here at T-Hub today. It is impressive to see this partnership between the Government of Telangana and three of India’s premier academic Institutes.

I wish T-Hub, Beanstalk, the Medtech Actuator, and all the clever young scientists, engineers, agricultural specialists, doctors and innovators all the very best.

I have no doubt that the growing demands for global healthcare services and for safe and sustainable food supply are challenges that we are all likely to meet more successfully with the bridges that these collaborations will help to build between us.