Governor's Performance Series


First Rock Concert Held at Government House

Government House hosted its first-ever rock concert as part of the Governor’s Performance Series and to celebrate 2017 National Youth Week. Mallrat performing in the ballroom. Photo by Laura Roberts Mallrat performing in the ballroom. Photo by Laura Roberts

The Governor and Mr Howard hosted the free concert in the historic ballroom.

About 600 concert-goers travelled from across the State to attend the all-ages, school holiday event on 6 April, which featured up and coming artists Alex Lahey, Mallrat and Japanese Wallpaper.

Government House partnered with The Push Inc to organise the concert. A Victorian non-profit youth music organisation established in 1986, The Push aims to educate, entertain, inspire and empower young people through a wide range of music-related programs.

The Governor told the concert-goers that part of her role was to facilitate and encourage talent in industry and community across Victoria.

“Victoria is renowned for its creative industries. This Governor’s Performance Series gives us the opportunity to showcase some of the talent that contributes to our State’s reputation as a centre for the arts. It also gives us the chance to bring you together today,” the Governor said.

“We feel strongly that Government House is a place for everyone of all ages and diversity to enjoy. And so, we wanted to extend the opportunity to you – many of you, our younger Victorians - to experience the atmosphere and surrounds of the House, not just in person, but also all around the State with our live streaming of this event.”


i Credit Ziggy Cross 2Alex Lahey with fans. Photo by Ziggy Cross


d Credit Josh Algere 5Japanese Wallpaper in the Ballroom. Photo by Josh Algere