Protocol and Guidelines



The Office of the Governor is able to provide guidance on protocols relating to the Governor and Mr Howard. If an organisation is hosting the Governor and/or Mr Howard at an upcoming event, the Office will be in contact to provide detailed guidance.


When sending invitations or correspondence to the Governor please note the following:


Invitations for the Governor and/or Mr Howard to attend functions must always be in writing, signed by the most senior member of the organisation, for example Chair or President, and should be addressed to the Official Secretary.


Where possible, invitations should arrive no less than two months from the proposed date of the event. The invitation should state clearly whether it is extended to the Governor only, Mr Howard only, or both. In addition, the invitation should contain as much detail about the event as possible, including a general outline of the function and its purpose, any specific role for the Governor and/or Mr Howard that is being proposed as well as expected timings of the event. 




All correspondence to the Governor or to the Office of the Governor, should be sent in writing via the Official Secretary to the following address:


Mr Joshua Puls MVO

Official Secretary

Office of the Governor

Government House

Government House Drive 

Melbourne Victoria 3004



The correct form of address for the Governor in the written form is The Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria.