Speeches delivered by the Governor of Victoria, the Hon. Linda Dessau AC.

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'Global diseases require global solutions, and that it is only through collaboration across international borders that such solutions will be found.'
'When the Club’s 25 founding women met for the first time, 106 years and 3 weeks ago, there was much about today that they could never have envisioned.'
'They could not have foreseen that a student body of 80 young Victorian men would become 50,000 men and women – from 100 countries around the world.'
'Ninety years of women focused on service and friendship, socialising, growth, and learning.'
'I am proud that 6,000 young Victorians – across 250 different organisations – commence this program each year and that the number is growing.'
When we were kids, 20 years seemed like forever. Funny, isn’t it, but for many of us now, it seems more like just the blink of an eye.
'You have shown resilience, optimism and a preparedness to share your stories for the good of others.'
'These contemporary facilities will prepare you for a changing environment, where your future jobs may not yet even be imagined.'