Speeches delivered by the Governor of Victoria, the Hon. Linda Dessau AC.

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'It is sobering to understand that as many as one in four young people will experience a mental illness at some time in their youth.'
'The number of people you have counselled over those years is impressive. Last year alone, saw 10,000 counselling sessions.'
'This is an example of leadership at its best. You recognise gaps. You realise that something needs to be done. You take the initiative to do it.'
'This building is, as yet, empty of history. It adjoins buildings and chambers of great historical significance, but it is just a blank page.'
'As you well know, the RAF was forged as the First World War raged. It was ‘born amid the thunders of battle’, as the Observer editorialised on 31 March 1918.'
'Who knows exactly what you’ll need to learn during your careers, except that you’ll need to be agile enough to keep up. To keep learning.'
'Ardoch has positively influenced nearly 12,000 children and young people.'
'As I understand it, even just in this room today there is a collective 1165 years of service.'