The State Drawing Room


Small award ceremonies and community receptions for around 100 people are held in the State Drawing Room.


  State Drawing Room set up for an official functionState Drawing Room set up for an official function



The plaster ceiling is elaborately decorated with deeply recessed panels, separated by decorated cross beams and ornamented with moulded cornices. The carpets (although not original) are inspired by the motif in the ceiling.


State Drawing Room Government House by Charles Nettleton 1826-1902 1878 from NLA 2



Much of the room’s original furniture, still on display, was custom made for the room in 1876. The fireplaces are carved out of white Carrara marble shipped from Italy and the over-mantle mirrors are gilt in gold leaf and the cipher of The Queen is carved in the top. The floor is West Australian Kauri and the doors are of hardwood.


AUSMIN. State Drawing Room 3 November 2010AUSMIN 2010 press conference held in the State Drawing Room