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Order of St John Parade

'Just last year, more than 2,000 volunteers delivered First Aid services at more than 4,500 public gatherings.'

2018 Premier's Volunteer Champions Awards

'I know that many of you will feel humbled or embarrassed by this attention today, but you shouldn’t.'

Morning Tea for the 50th Anniversary of the NGV Volunteer Guides

'As I understand it, even just in this room today there is a collective 1165 years of service.'

Order of St John Investiture

'What you all share in common is not only a commitment to others, but also a generosity of spirit and goodwill that adds to the richness of life in our State.'

Australian Red Cross Victorian Awards

Mr Ross Pinney, President of the Australian Red Cross


Jewish Holocaust Centre Morning Tea

'You have shown resilience, optimism and a preparedness to share your stories for the good of others.'

Opening of the Expanded Monash Law Clinic - Clayton

'As a lawyer, and as a member of the judiciary for the last 28 years of my legal career, I was also aware of the issues surrounding accessibility to justice.'

Welcome for Ian Riseley OAM - President of Rotary International

"We owe great thanks to the 30,000 professionals and businesspeople across Australia, who join the 1.2 million international Rotarians."

Port Fairy Folk Festival Opening

"There are not many cultural festivals that can count more than four continuous decades. They are simply not easy to run."

Victorian Premier’s Volunteer Champions Awards

'We would all agree that many of the best everyday things in our community only exist, thanks to our volunteers.'

Bourke Street Memorial Service

"My husband joins with me in saying that our hearts go out to you: personally, as parents, as proud Melburnians."

Patronage Christmas Tree Reception

"We are proud that this Christmas tree is decorated with ornaments representing each of your organisations."